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Rick and his boss, Duke (Aaron Sanford), are creatures without redeeming merit, and Rick's old buddy Buck (Dylan Baker) is a killer for hire. Perhaps it is not astonishing that the screenplay is by Daniel Handler, who writes the "Lemony Snicket" books, the first of which warns its young readers: "These books are among the most miserable in the world." With "Lemony Snicket" he's kidding, I think. I don't know if it works, but it's not boring, and there is a kind of terrible thrill in seeing an essentially nice guy like Bill Pullman play a character who is hateful beyond all measure.

The story line is lifted from Verdi's "Rigoletto," but if you could not sit down right now and compose 200 words summarizing the plot of that opera, it matters little; the movie has a life of its own.

Stephen Kernaghan was hanging out by the Manitoba legislature building with friends when they heard someone talking through what sounded like a megaphone.

The bombshell broke into an awkward giggle after lexicographer Susie Dent, 52, made the suggestion, saying: “’Orgasmed’ is there for eight.” Host Nick Hewer, 73, added: “Excellent. ” And that wasn’t the first time Oxford grad Rachel has got to grips with cheeky innuendos on the puzzle game.

They go out for a drink in a curious club supplied with video monitors so the customers can spy on each other, and then Duke excuses himself to go back to the office, where he can't wait to log on as BIGBOSS in that X-rated Web chat room.

Earlier in the film, a young woman named Michelle (Sandra Oh) came to Rick's office to be interviewed for a job. She takes a little more than she should, and then, in a magnificent scene, she retaliates: "You're an evil person and you can't get away with it. Your evil will come right back at you." This curse resonates through the film, reaching that deep part of Rick's ego where even he is disgusted by himself.

"So they have a magnet at the end of a piece of string." The former Apprentice star then started doing the action of picking up the boules, while struggling to keep a straight face.

Holding back the giggles, he said: "Why exhaust yourself picking up your balls when you can do it with a magnet?

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