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“Platform as a service (Paa S) is more powerful than we could ever have dreamed of, with 24/7 support, fixed for 5 years and with super-fast connectivity to any other government agency.” The Department of Justice is also talking-up a better deal on the ERP front, with its CIO Arron Liu saying a contract with Accenture to baseline the Justice ERP system — with all its diversity — would ensure solutions offered complied with NSW Government Standard Business Processes.Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.After decades of forming relationships built on expensive, stultified procurement processes and highly formalised requirements, the NSW government is borrowing a trick from the singles scene and mounting a bold push to rapidly accelerate the way buyers and sellers can get to know each other and do business.It’s a big cultural shift from a tradition of mega-tenders that have typically been won by large multinational firms that have locked-out smaller competitors by virtue of the big financial resources needed to mount a bid for government work, a problem that local tech developers have bemoaned since the 1980s.The chief information officer of the NSW Fire and Rescue (NSWFR) CIO, Richard Host has 100,000 staff and volunteers on a shared ERP system provided making his agency one of the largest SAP systems in government.“It also manages half a million pieces of equipment and thousands of vehicles,” Mr Host said.We argued about that, he wanted me to send him a walmart debit card, but finally I told him I was not doing it, and I was done with that theme, now he said there was an accident on the oil rig, and one person is dead. He has not responded to my email yet, he has sent me pictures of a very handsome guy who I am sure is not him. He also uses photos of an older woman with dark hair and supposed sister wearing glasses, claiming his mother just had heart attack but does not reveal what hospital the mother is in. He is unusually very sweet, speaks in a silent voice, whispers and sometimes you can hear children in the background that are probably his :-)) hardly him being on an oil rig.He wanted me to participate on a fund raiser for the family of the deceased, so I told him I will not do it and asked him whats next? I have sent him pictures but nothing that cannot be seen in public so am ok. If he says widower, oil rig, son or daughter living with Nanny or in boarding school, and any variation, and has an accent, broken English. There is a sudden personality switch when he gets confronted, he switches from an incredibly sweet man to a controlling psychopath who wants to rule the world and women.

Ms Ganly said that alternative solutions were now being sought as cloud-based solutions became credible offerings in the government market.

That is why there is a delay from placing a post to it appearing live on the site so I can filter all potential scammers, trolls, abuse etc. I also have to say that I don’t understand what "playing" with them accomplishes. If you want to "play" try a board game or get another hobby. The last thing we wanted is to give them more leverage. As with others here he asked some odd questions, i.e., what did I eat for breakfast or what was I going to eat for lunch, did I want to come feed him.

I don’t understand why anyone would give a suspected scammer access to what should be OUR space to help other women by posting our stories. This is suppose to be a safe place to share our stories and get input from others that have been victims. He approached the wrong girl – I’m terminally ill, partially paralyzed, never wanted children, can’t cook and don’t clean, don’t care for country or gospel music, and am not particularly religious.

According to Acting Deputy Secretary for Government Services, Shaun Smith, the government is moving away from traditional, often cumbersome, tendering processes towards agreed methods of operating in the market with a focus on collaboration with industry.

“As the market flips to the cloud, government is aware of the need to be agile when purchasing ERP and is moving towards better-value cloud-deployed services,” Mr Smith said.

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