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When you’re involved with a potential co-pilot, they are happy for you to contact or make plans.When you’re involved with a driver, they may let your call go to voicemail and respond with a text, leave it for a few days, or be short with you when you speak. Or they might tell you that they’re really busy and they’ll call you on whatever day.It takes time to actually take all of that in, because the first thing you do is it's like 'you, it's you, it's you,' and then you go, 'now hold on a minute.'" Watch the clip for more of Morgan's chat with the Osbourne's, then tune in at 9 for the full interview as Ozzy reveals how he felt when Sharon learned of his relapse, and whether or not he was worried the couple was headed for divorce.If you only ever spoke to someone on the telephone when you called them, if they only texted or emailed in response to what you had sent to them, if they waited for you to initiate plans and expected you to be responsible for making the relationship happen, you would at best think they were very passive about the relationship which would imply half interest, or you might actually think they’re not interested.

You might even think ‘OK they seem like a great person, but I’m looking for a partner too. ’ It might seem like this person thinks that what they automatically bring to the table is so great that all they need to do is ‘reply’ and show up.In fact, if you’ve been on 0-3 dates, you can call that ‘pursuing’ but after that, it’s time to step up especially once you’ve slept together.Trouble is, I’m hearing from people who’ve been on 10 dates, 20, been together for 3, 5, 9 months or even 5 years and beyond who still seem to be trapped in their own vision of that early phase of ‘pursuing’.Here’s the thing – It’s not that guys want you to take on the pursuing role but if you’re actually dating or have even moved beyond that into a relationship, just as much as you want effort, so do they.It’s not enough for us to show up – be careful of overvaluing your contribution.

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