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It’s validating to see other survivors come forward, and particularly powerful for me when my friends and people I admire talk about issues that matter to me, especially when they’re inclusive of how sexual violence uniquely affects marginalized communities. Writing about assault (and reading about it, and thinking about it) is a taxing process.

It often requires survivors to go back to the moments that traumatized us.

Many women dread the moment they step on the scales, fearful of seeing a different number than the one that they're hoping for - with potentially devastating results for their confidence.

But now women around the world have decided to stop worrying about how much they weigh, to focus their energy on building strength, and have discovered that heavier can mean happier.

He was a little younger than my mom, and he’d been coming over regularly for a while. He didn’t move his hand from my leg until we heard my mom hustling back in from the kitchen with boxes of Chinese food and beverages.

As far as I knew, he and my mom weren’t dating, but they were good friends. I was uncomfortable the rest of the night, but I tried to play it off.

It’s been over five years since my rape; I still have nightmares about running into my assailant while I’m standing in line at Comic-Con or seeing her face in a packed subway car.

'Be logical, and just because the scale says you aren't making progress doesn't make it true. Trust the process.'The process involves focusing on making sure women eat the right types of food while exercising - rather than on eating as little as possible.

Em Wizzfit, 23, from Australia, gained just three kilos (around seven pounds) and says her controlled and healthy process is down to her diet.

Em said: 'Good nutrition is about getting the basics right.

Eat enough food, get plenty of protein in at every meal to repair muscles and treat yourself so you don't send yourself crazy.

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