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Invest in a graphic designer for your app / website. Why would you even release this to the public in the state that it's in? This app froze and crashed several times while I was just making a profile. Does any one in the trans community know how to use a computer?

The makers of this app sure don't and could use some serious help.

The search engine isn't varied enough to get a good result of whatever you're searching for, and the location on the search engine is just bad.

A word of advice to the creator(s): Please make this an actual app, put the time into coding an application and not a website if that's what you're aiming for.

In 2010, she quit her regional job in Carlisle, Cumbria, after ten years of the presenting its news show.India told Best magazine in March 2017 that she felt like she was always a girl and the "boys' clothes felt like a straitjacket to her".The journalist had previously revealed the final moment of clarity came when she caught an image of herself in a monitor while working."Fortunately for me I’m a terrible drinker and I fell asleep, which in a way might have saved my life.” As a result of the evening, she decided to pursue gender reassignment surgery.India admits she struggled with telling her family and young son - and instead spent five years leading a double life.

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India Willoughby is a 51-year-old broadcaster and journalist born Jonathan Willoughby.

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