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It’s used to peer into dark and inaccessible places and it allowed me to view the locking mechanism through a slot in the base.From that I was able to figure out that by drilling a small and unobtrusive hole in the side of the case it could be opened by poking a lever with a thin metal rod.Payphone is the normal operational setting; Owner mode disables Payphone mode for free calls and Program position is used to change call charge settings, adjust the clock and change or disable various secondary functions, like time bands, identification tones, lock out international calls, ring time limit and so on.

In those dark, distant days phones had only one function and connected to the local exchange by long wires, nevertheless, most people had one in their home.

Apparently it was installed in his student digs and he liberated it when he graduated.

It obviously didn’t have much sentimental value, as he only wanted £3.00 for it, in spite of it looking like it had hardly been used.

Once inside I was able to remove and disarm the keylock switch so it could be used with a blank key.

The innards were as clean as a whistle and I was greatly relieved to find that a set of vintage AA batteries in the holder hadn’t leaked.

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When the call is answered press the big orange Button A and the coin disappears into the slot.

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