Swetlana dating im dating but im not allowed to

Jhanvi says he went for meeting, not to meet Shwetlana, I forgot the woman who can break son’s house, how can she see my house getting better, stop this, else you will fall in my sight. Jhanvi says I m sure Tej changed now, mind your own business. Pinky says I m not a liar, you are foolish, I will prove Tej’s dark truth. Rudra says good boy, good girl, whatever, get quiet. Rudra says there were many complications and baby came. Om says if someone planted this baby, he would be waiting for our mistake. Shivaye says shut up, I will find a doctor to keep this confidential. Rudra says I got hurt, its Om’s turn to manage Gauri.

The Femme Fatale is generally villainous, and heroic exceptions—in an artificial context to snare the bad guy—are closer to Heroic Seductress.

The hero might decide that she's not worth the trouble she causes, but if he doesn't, then they might become an Outlaw Couple.

While related to The Vamp, the Femme Fatale is not just any seductress; she has a distinct look and feel. If you she's dangerous from the start, but she's sexy enough that you don't care, she's likely a Femme Fatale.

Shivaye says I m checking on net how to pacify a baby.

Rudra asks baby to look at him, Rudra Chachu will show his dance now.

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Om says yes, but she was not in India, how is this possible. Om says shut up, children don’t happen this way, she would have told me.

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