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However, regardless of whether Paul intended to refer specifically to male prostitutes or more generally to all men considered morally soft, it is apparent that the term malakoi has nothing to do with the question we bring to Scripture.We are not defending prostitution, nor vanity or self-indulgence. Some have suggested an earlier use of the word in a piece of literature called the a collection of oracles written by many people over a number of centuries. The next key phrase in this passage is rendered in the King James Version as “abusers of themselves with mankind.” A similar phrase appears in a list of sins in I Timothy .The words sometimes translated "effeminate" and “homosexual” in these passages are obscure and difficult to translate.The first word identifies someone who is morally weak, and has nothing to do with nellie gay men.The word is malakoi, and it literally means “soft.” (See note 1.) So Paul is saying “soft people” will not inherit the kingdom of God. Nissinen also offers “frailty of body or character, illness, sentimentality, or moral weakness” as other possibilities for the meaning of this word in other contexts (page 117).Since we know Paul was not talking about the Pillsbury Dough Boy, we have to ask what he meant. This common Greek word had different connotations depending on the context in which it was used.From this perspective, Paul was condemning men who are vain, fearful, and self-indulgent.

In that culture, any man who was more interested in pleasure than in duty was considered to be woman-like.And men who worked to make themselves more attractive, “whether they were trying to attract men or women, were called effeminate.” (See note 3.) They saw all pleasure-seeking men as effeminate, whomever they sought pleasure with.In first-century Roman terms, most pro-wrestlers in the WWF (manly men by our definitions) would be considered effeminate, because of their apparent interest in fancy, hyper-masculine costumes and posturing.They would be viewed as sexually indulgent (a trait associated with women) and as the ones who played a receptive role in intercourse (again, associated with women).Because here Paul uses malakoi in a list of sexual sins, it is possible to infer that he may have been referring specifically to male prostitutes, rather than soft men in general.

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