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Research says that talking about sex online with strangers is a big risk factor for encountering problems3.So is interacting indiscriminately with a lot of unknown people online4.So we need to reach teenagers directly with messages that are credible.This means not talking down to them; being familiar with their culture; acknowledging their familiarity with the Internet; and respecting their developmentally appropriate aspirations for independence, new relationships and accurate sexual information.

Other things that probably increase risk are giving out very personal or sexually oriented information, looking for romantic relationships online, and inviting contact from lots of people3.Although cases of abduction, forcible rape and murder have occurred, they are very rare.According to research looking at crimes ending in arrest, violence occurred in only 5% of cases.These are the online encounters most likely to lead to an offline sex crime.In the vast majority of Internet sex crimes against young people, offenders did not actually deceive youth about the fact that they were adults who had sexual intentions.

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It is useful to remind young people that many things they post for their friends may end up being viewed by others, and can prompt contact that could become a problem.

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