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That rune carved into his door learned it personally.

Besides, it served the wizard right for not heeding the rumors about Bilbo and the Old Forest.

Armed with a second chance to make things at little better, he slips into a role he had almost forgotten... However some bonds once forged can't be broken so easily, leading him to the other Arcobaleno before they were known as great. He's not sure how that led into being involved with mass criminal politics.

Can he change their fates Sea Kings, sea-sickness, sunburns, a 95% genocidal Navy and more than a million and one other assorted ways to die. (Disciplinary Committee non-Decimo Tsuna with some severe emotional dampening, ensemble cast.)Prowl finds life complicated, but it gets even more so when his spark starts getting melted by a young femme, Auri.


These chapters will take place WAY later on the timeline, after Strike is grown. Author has written 63 stories for Ouran High School Host Club, Naruto, Maximum Ride, Fruits Basket, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

So Tsuna might have, maybe, possibly, somehow, completely on accident, became the Sky Arcobaleno. No one ever said an SI gets a place in canon events, or that they would be ideally placed at all. Would they have found somewhere safe and been able to keep it or would they still lose? What she does know can be summed up into three alarming sentences. Harry There is a reason why the hobbits don't leave the Shire.

And Sky Attraction is a dangerous thing when your surrounded by powerhouse flames users. How much would you recall if you had decades to go before anything in a long forgotten story comes to be? Reborn remembers everything, except how he got stuck in an airbus with a woman. The story of Bullroarer Took had more to it then what Gandalf knew about.

However, that didn't meant he couldn't enjoy chaos, panic and disorder this new Sky and his Elements left in their wake wherever and whenever they went.

Oh yeah, and Kurama's not the only yokai that was reborn a human. Not a Dark Lord with a grudge, not a Headmaster with a prophecy and certainly not the world's most influential Mafia Family... How will Dumble take the re-emergence of the two eldest Potter children? full summary inside I expected to die when I went into the water.

[Kurama x Harry] and [Yusuke x Jasmin] Harry-is-Kuronue. Dorea is as much a Black as a Potter and she is not about to let anybody walk over her! Instead, I was rescued by a crew of people who I knew only as characters in a story. (And a lot of Canon-Breaking) Full summary inside - one per every next series at its start.

Kakashi tries to keep it together, even when his team turns out to be total maniacs; that is, when Naruto isn't dumpster-diving or talking to ghosts. Young Hari is raised by one of the most infamous nukenin of all time and a cadre of "Uncles" whose cumulative effect is very . But it wasn't all bad, at least he had Lord Megatron there to protect him.

Harriet Potter is back in the world she was first born in, ready for her third mission as a goddess. Xanxus has always known he was adopted, long before he was taken in by the Vongola. As he struggles to make his own way in the Vongola family, his past begins to catch up to him.

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