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Despite the thousands of books claiming to demystify the male psyche, create a happy marriage, and ‘make him want you’, most women still remain very much in the dark, and therefore trapped in a vicious cycle of rubbish relationships.So what is it about a man that’s so difficult for women to fathom?The famous “Should I stay or should I go” song comes to mind. Here are some things to think about: 1.) Was the relationship a loving one from BOTH parties? 5.) Have you worked on yourself long enough to handle possible rejection? 10.) Does your ex or you use drugs, alcohol or any other substance to help them deal with life? The fact is, so many of us look at the negative rather than the positive effects it COULD have on your relationship. Though they are walking out the door, they are slowly stretching the rubber band.How on earth can we make such decisions based on “should I”? 6.) Are you ok with your ex sleeping with someone else while away? The list above may seem excessive but I think it may help you with possible future decisions. The more MUTUAL love you both shared, the strong the band (the Bond you share).If you are healthy enough to understand that your ex is a separate person and does not belong to you or owe you anything physically or emotionally and that you both are NO LONGER a couple then you find out they are dating someone new, are engaged or even single and dating and can be perfectly 100% ok with any of the above mentioned, can you even think of communication.

I cannot tell you how much I have learned from this forum and how grateful I am to be a positive part of this community.A few posts later, you get a response saying “Give him or her a call…what could it hurt? I try to post solid advice based on my experience rather than quick fixes.” What do you do, you go with what YOU WANTED TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE…you wanted someone to give you permission to call. It’s hard to say but in my experience, it’s better to leave it alone if you can help it. I try to give clear advice but this of course does NOT mean that it is clear TO YOU. Did you know the more you don’t see someone or something, the more you miss it?If you can relate to these types of questions, sit back and relax. Turn on the ole’ brain and lets continue on shall we? ) but every time he heard this silly song he tried. This is NOT a scientific theory but one I have come up with myself. Before we get into this I want to make something perfectly clear, this is NOT A TOY, GAME or something that can be used to get your ex back to you to create a loving, positive relationship WITHOUT FIRST UNDERSTANDING basic human psychology.Years ago, there was a song on the radio my father loved called “The Rubber Band Man”. What does this have to do with the above questions you’re probably asking yourself? If you expect results quickly, you will be sadly disappointed.

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