Rihanna naketness

Rihanna doesn’t just triumph she makes sure to take out the baddest motherfucker on TV.

That her captive ends up giggling and toking with her seems inevitable, because really she’s having a better time, and in the end Rihanna doesn’t ask her to show anything she doesn’t show herself.

Watch this pretty blonde teeny as she gets her smooth virgin-tight ass hole put to test with some raw backdoor fucking.

When her pink pussy is already well-stretched by her boyfriend’s thick cock it’s anal sex that takes her to a whole new level of pleasure.

David Turner: Rihanna's personal brand remains solidly IDGAF.

Her deep side-eye at damn near everything can almost be taken for granted by folks.

You can apply that message in infinite ways, and today I’ve been thinking about it in terms of our current biggest rockstars: Ye, Tay, Bey, Rih.

Bless ‘em all, every one—but all of them are regularly guilty of spelling out their own sociocultural importance, in one way or another, with the exception of Rihanna.

I was in the headspace of thinking "hide your kids, hide your wife, Rihanna's stuntin’ so hard she's snatching up your girl to go topless sunbathing on a yacht in that country you can't afford,” but instead of this sexually-underscored fantasy Rihanna is literally telling homie that his wife is actually in the trunk, which is a kind of amazing flippa da script.Rihanna knows this, and she’s carved out a space for herself in which survival-level politic is always referenced first – and this is what speaks to me personally about the music she’s making currently and the imagery she’s using.This entire song and video is about how one does not fuck with Rihanna, which is, any way you look at it, an incredibly bold assertion of power that deserves our respect and a deeper context than ‘is this feminist or not.’ Meaghan Garvey: There’s a very simple A$AP Yams tweet that’s stuck with me for years: “never vocalize the vision.” Or basically, let your work speak for itself, and let everyone else talk.To those currently drafting your thinkpiece about how it wasn’t very #feminist of Rih to torture that poor rich lady: nooooo one cares about your basic-ass, probably non-intersectional praxis.Rihanna doesn’t need to spell it out for you if you still don’t get it yet; time is money, bitch.

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Thankfully the "Bitch Better Have My Money" video isn't interested in letting people take a single thing about her for granted.

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