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They were the only ones to reach out to that truly understood what we were going through post-show.

The hype and the buzz surrounding it was not expected and overwhelming at times.

It is important that everyone is respected, whether they are chosen or not.

Emotions are involved and can be easily hurt in this environment. You represent Kiwi women and a young generation of girls will be watching your every move.

In September 2017, to celebrate their 15th anniversary, Dion Murphy, owner and choreographer of Men of Steel, gives Woman's Day a candid interview on the highs, lows and sensational details of what it's like to run New Zealand's only male revue club.

lepas pangkah terus jerr aku balik all happened less than 5 minutes..From parasailing to peeing on national television while kayaking, I think I definitely made the most out of each experience. I knew early on that I wasn't into Jordan [Mauger] and I should have left a lot earlier. There are always two sides to a story, remember that! Girls can be very good actors, so spot those ones quickly and get rid of them. If you have trouble picking which girl to eliminate, ask yourself "Would my mum like this girl? Ask her what she does for work, what her hobbies are, etc. You're allowed to be jealous, but don't let it get in the way of your empathy or your personality. It was such a unique experience and brought most of us really close together.I picked from the outset that no-one in the house was right for him, including myself. " Most guys I know always seek their mother's approval when dating a girl. If we had all really liked Jordan, I don't think we would have bonded so well!Behave in a way that you would be ok with your daughter watching and growing up to be like. You are the one who is going to have to date this girl after the show. My advice would be you are role models to many young, influential girls now, so remember your actions have consequences on screen and off screen.Learning the behind the scenes manpower and energy that goes into a reality show. And of course the surreal experiences that I had with all the girls, especially Gab [Davenport]. And try to imagine her fitting in your world post-show, too. The attention will be overwhelming after the show – so stay true to yourself and your friends who were there before the show. This experience will forever be a great dinner party story so get in there and get involved! The one thing you can control in this crazy experience is what comes out of your mouth.

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So what advice do those who have already braved the rose ceremonies have for these newbies?

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