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look in the mirror when you ask yourself that question OK? There were messages in the am from interested people when I went into my account to respond the same day. A couple of weeks before my subscription was going to renew, I had lots of activity on my account.

If a guy was ALL of that, do you think he would want someone like you? The majority of interest came from people in other states.I mean -- why spend time emailing to defunct profiles and waiting for a response....which their own algorithms just matched you with? They've also used a photo of a man who's been used in their UK TV adverts...& apparently he's found someone. I signed up for Our Time for a six month subscription and thought it would work for my age - over 50, There was very few profiles in my area that were under 60 years old.They hide a lot of this by not providing the sorting capabilities to quickly see these scams. WOW I knew escorts had there own site but on Our time for older men. I was given phone number built in there fake profile. The navigation and search features were worse than some of the free dating sites that I have tried.- It's very hard to narrow searches to distances near you.Impossible I think for "matches" that Our Time picks out for you. Instead of taking you to the message it nags you... (I turned off auto-renew, planning to quit when paid subscription is done.) - Our Time will send you an email telling you you have a message, but really it's a "Flirt" (Flirts are pretty meaningless, like "Hi.) - The interface for Messages is totally confusing.

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