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Finally, a woman who looked far too young to be qualified for the process entered the room with Arizona's paperwork and a smile on her face. I've got your results here and I'm just going to go over them with you.

And you mentioned needing me to check something else out?

When she was ready, she sat down to wait, alone again with her thoughts. " Callie questioned as she looked up from the chart she was reviewing."At the clinic," Arizona clarified, keeping her voice low. A week from today." She glanced around, making sure no one was within hearing range. Her musing was interrupted by a knock on the door before it started to open.

After five minutes of waiting, she cursed the constant delay in medicine, knowing she was guilty of making patients wait for her. She looked up sharply and cringed when she saw the face peeking around the door. Arizona rolled her eyes and prepared for another speech she didn't want to hear."Hi!

It was spiel she'd heard 100 times and given even more often. They continued kissing as they made their way, now topless, over to the couch. " Arizona still hadn't pulled her hand back out, so it was slightly distracting both of them."I had sex with Mark.""Are you trying to turn me on? " Arizona found herself annoyed that this woman got to be so happy when she was so humiliated. Chelsea stood off to the side as Arizona lifted herself up and hauled her weight up onto the exam table. I got her."Before leaving, Arizona took a chance and leaned forward to press her lips to Callie's. And it doesn't cause an odor like this." Callie was trying to keep the grimace off her face, but the smell was overpowering. The process repeated several times until Arizona had a headache from the exertion and tears covered her face. And I may need another thing checked depending on the results." After a second experience having to get Callie's help to pee (interrupted by Sofia waking up and coming to find them, resulting in a panicked, "Don't let her see me like this."), she had definitely not forgotten about her little problem.

Before the nurse could leave, she said, "Uhh, I'm an amputee, so I'll need additional time to get undressed. Arizona's hand went immediately back to Callie's abdomen, caressing the delicate skin there. " Arizona questioned, finally pulling back her hand. " Chelsea's voice broke Arizona out of her thoughts. Grateful that she didn't add to the horror by falling on her ass, Arizona settled in. She smiled as she walked away because Callie hadn't hesitated before returning the kiss."Arrrrgggggghhhh." Arizona screamed at the sudden pain that ripped through her when she started to pee. It feels like a thousand tiny daggers are fighting their way out of my body all at once." Callie knelt down beside the toilet and took Arizona's hand. She knew she probably looked as bad as Arizona felt. You remember when you went swimming for PT and got paged with an emergency, so you spent 8 hours in the OR with a wet bathing suit under your scrubs? Finally, several stops and starts later, Arizona's bladder was empty. She was so exhausted and in so much pain that she didn't even try to stop Callie from helping her get cleaned up. She was soon called back to an exam room, where she quickly plopped down and found herself lost in thought.

Title: The Last Step Author: nerdfightergirl /librarynerd Pairing: Callie/Arizona Rating: TSummary: Post-reconciliation post-9x24, Callie has a request for Arizona Disclaimer: I am very glad to say that I don't own Grey's Anatomy or these characters.

This is purely for enjoyment and I am not making any money from it.

Meanwhile, Alex and Jo work together to save the life of an infant, and April asks Jackson for dating advice.It was clear that Callie had been working up the courage to ask that for quite some time."I was … She didn't really want Sofia there for the physical exam anyway."Yeah. That's fine." Callie was silent for a few more minutes and Arizona settled in to sleep. This was simultaneously an exciting new development and like coming home after a long trip.I was just reading online on these message boards for people in … you know."A tumultuous mix of emotions erupted from Arizona: shame that Callie even had to question it, embarassment at the thought of anyone from work finding out through gossipy lab techs, hope that Callie seemed almost ready to take that step, the last step, with her."You don't have to get it done at the hospital." Callie interrupted her thoughts with a solution to one of the problems. Before she could over think and talk herself out of it, Arizona pushed her butt back to nestle it into the front of Callie's pelvis.The nurse caught her eye and recognition lit up through her face. Rob-," she started, but Arizona's glare stopped her mid-word and she called Arizona's number instead. I don't exactly carry around dental dams in my lab coat," Arizona snapped.Arizona quickly glanced around to see if anyone had noticed the mishap. Chelsea flinched and Arizona knew that she should apologize, but she wasn't really sorry, so she kept her mouth shut. I don't think I can start again." She was looking down at the floor when she said this, but Callie knew that if she looked up, a full-on puppy dog pout, rivaling their three-year-old's, would be adorning that face."Okay. I'll be right here."Arizona squeezed and tried again.

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