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She reportedly made a citizens arrest on allegations that he acted violently with her.Shawne released a statement that when paramedics examine Tila, no injuries were reported, and he thanked the San Diego County Police for their professionalism.But you’ll never see me associate myself with anyone who I’ve disassociated myself with just for the element of television.If I were to do a reality show, it would have to be on my own terms.Go to read more Samburu Stories and join the global TSP family to provide clean water to families in Samburu, Kenya.

I don’t know…I wouldn’t want anyone to watch a show like that and say, “This is what’s happening in New Jersey as a whole.” I know that much just from listening to all the talk about Who knows [laughs]?Yasin does not have a doubt about it and tells me that one of the things she likes most about life “after the well” is to be able to wash the clothes and enjoy its beautiful and bright colors.Before our clothes had only one color, the brown color of the earth.”The well has made me happy, and the only thing I would like is to get more wells drilled in the area.Born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, NY, Lauren always dreamed of acting.She has a twin sister, Lorraine among her 8 siblings.

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Lauren actually got her start as a dancer, obtaining a scholarship to the prestigious Alvin Ailey Dance School. However, she came first got her break in the film industry where she played the lead in the 1994 independent film "I Like It Like That." She played Dr.

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