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You will tend to want to make this person the center of your world. Just as it is normal to fill a conversational void, it is normal to try to fill a void in presence. Show this person you are independent and can get along just fine without him or her, but still appreciate and enjoy their company.

DON’T try to manipulate a commitment to you faster, because it will backfire. Those techniques don’t draw this type in, they push this type away.

However, s/he can only take so much of this for so long before it crosses into annoyance or unreliability.

This type is more Eeyore, yours is more Tigger (more about personality types and Winnie the Pooh characters here).

Tell her that your differences really complement one another (because they do! Though we connected like lightning right off the bat, it took lots of patience and maturity on my end for 3-4 months before he was truly committed.

As he put it, “It takes me a while to build confidence in someone, but once I’m there I give my heart completely.” We were married a year after the first day we met. 🙂 Your Turn The trick is to give this person the room to grow in affection for you.

They are incredibly talented at understanding how individuals and groups of people function.

Everyone needs an outlet for their true nature, and your sweetie will appreciate the quiet time alone to sort out his or her own thoughts. If you do this during the whole meeting, you might never get a chance to speak at all! Your ISTJ will grow toward you, but it will be at a slower pace than you want.No matter what the day is, a Myers Briggs® test-assessed ENFP will find something exhilarating in the world around them.This thirst for opportunity makes them incredibly competent and innovative workers: MBTI Test -assessed ENFP Types are people-lovers, with large groups of personal companions who see them as nurturing, helpful, and earnest.Here are the tips I gave the person who emailed me, based on personality knowledge and my own experience.I’ve tried to make these as gender-neutral as possible, but sometimes my own experience reflects my own female ENFP and male ISTJ situation: 1) ISTJs tend to take care of business first, and play later (if they can fit it in). The biggest complement you can pay them is to tell them they are reliable, dependable, capable, and solid.

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Appreciation is something we all enjoy, and complementing natural traits reassures the person that you see and like the “real” him or her.

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