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They must have changed things, and need to go back!I think it's time to replace them all with something else.We purchased the Bennett Oval China at the same time and not one piece, even the coffee cups and saucers have a chip. We would not recommend these glasses to anyone even if they are lovely to look at and drink from.We have not experienced the clouding issues others mentioned.So disappointed I love the size and weight of the crescent glasses and have replaced numerous of them over the past few years.I found them to be touch and never chip but the problem is the cloudiness.All of our glasses are still as crystal clear as the day we received them.Would recommend if you want a great, sophisticated glass that you don't mind using a little extra care with. A few weeks later we noticed a chip in the rim after removing from dishwasher.

Without proof of purchase, the item can be exchanged only for the same item. We are unable to accept any items for return or exchange without proof of purchase.

We had 10 each of these and a larger size glass in this collection delivered to us in October 2016. We changed the way we racked them in the dishwasher and handle them gently.

We moved, driving from Washington state to Skagway, AK and then finally unpacked these in Juneau. I think we may have broken one outright on our own, but ten months later we have a little over half of the original 20 left due to rim chips.

I have run them through the dishwasher several times with no breakage or chipping issues.

We received 12 of these glasses as a wedding gift five years ago and the first one just broke yesterday.

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