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Volcanic islands, with their richer soil, support many different species of plant life.

On coral atolls the predominant forms of vegetation are the coconut palm along with pandanus and breadfruit trees.

The main staples are breadfruit, taros, coconuts, and bananas, but yams, cassava, and sweet potatoes also are grown on some of the high islands. government grant aid, which continues under the Compact of Free Association signed in 1982.

Poultry, pigs, and dogs are sometimes also raised for food. External grants account for almost two-thirds of revenue.

Yap, which alone is situated in the monsoon area, has westerly winds for part of the year.

Numerous typhoons (tropical cyclones) originate in the east each year, usually spinning off to the northwest toward Yap and the Mariana Islands and seldom striking any of the other islands.

Subsistence farming and fishing are the principal economic activities.Pohnpei has about one-third of the population, and Yap and Kosrae have about one-tenth each.In the late 20th century there began a trend toward migration to the towns for employment and education.The population growth rate is one of the highest in the region.Almost the entire population is Christian; more than half the people are Roman Catholic, and another two-fifths are Protestant.

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