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If no objection was made, the Sultanate would then inspect them.

Without censure from the Sultan books could not be legally issued.

I also have soap stone elephants from Zimbabwe, and an exotic Congolese one carved out of bright green malachite. “Well, because I’ve got all the others of course” she said.

I have a whole family of wooden Thai elephants marching along the top of my piano – sometimes when I sit and play I could swear they are marching in time to the music. “Ï am a fan of Julio Iglesias and I have all his CD’s, every one, even the latest which, I have to admit, isn’t very good at all”. “And my son collects those little plastic dinosaurs you find inside cereal packets.

In 20 the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) ranked Turkey as the worst journalist jailer in the world (ahead of Iran and China), with 49 journalists sitting in jail in 2012 and 40 in 2013.

Twitter's 2014 Transparency Report showed that Turkey filed over five times more content removal requests to Twitter than any other country in the second half of 2014, with requests rising another 150% in 2015.

For some it can become a total obsession and they will go to any lengths to get something. “It’s just not in our culture”.“Does that mean you’re not as materialistic as Europeans? For many years there was nothing to collect, except shells off the beach perhaps”.“Ï collect shoes” said Teresa, who comes from Angola. But I buy them to wear, not just for the sake of having them”.“Oh come on! “Anything you don’t actually need you have for the sake of having it, and you can’t possibly need seventy pairs! Later I thought I should just have given him some money and let him try to sell it to someone else.

My grandmother had a beautiful elephant carved out of sandalwood on her dressing table which I secretly used to covet. It was about the size of a football and had a cheeky smile.

It was inlaid with tiny circular mirrors and mother of pearl, and had real ivory tusks and toenails.

“Oh well, never mind, try not to be obsessed” I told myself.

Ever since though, I have been lying awake at night, thinking of it standing there on a brass table in her hallway, next to the window she always leaves open for her cat.

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  1. Before the release of their seventh single and their third album, W3: Faithful, on February 9, 2006, Friday published photos showing Kago smoking. The following day, her agency issued a press statement saying that she and W's activities had been suspended "indefinitely." Kago spent the remainder of the year under house arrest at her family's residence in Nara.